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Farfly's live show for coating grinding and mixing machine

Farfly's live show for coating grinding and mixing machine

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Middle East live Show will be held in alibaba, UAE, 8 August 2020. the exhibition is an annual event and is one of the most important professional coatings exhibitions in the Middle East.As the world's famous trade capital, financial capital and exhibition capital. Dubai has the world's largest artificial port and a vast free trade zone, combined with its unique location in the global sea and air transport, as the economic transport hub connecting Europe, Africa and Asia, has a very important position in the global trade in goods. The vast number of trade opportunities in the east and west converge here, making the dubai exhibition a significant presence not only in the Middle East and the Arab world, but also in other parts of the world. Dubai is also one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. At present, the islands of the world, new palm island, dubai pearl and other dazzling architectural wonders are under construction. With the uae dubai world expo 2020 approaching, the expo will bring a new round of expansion opportunities for dubai's construction industry. Dubai's demand for building coatings continues to grow, with more than $8 billion invested in road transport and infrastructure projects in and around expo 2020 dubai, a major driver of the uae's construction market, Arab business week reported. In addition, dubai has the world's top five shipyard, ship paint consumption is also very considerable.

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