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On-work service
On-work service

According to the content of negotiations, signed industrial contracts, production planning , activate sale of service program , after approval of the contract , by the factory for production.
We make managing archives for each equipment and system and the responsible person will do one-to-one following-up. The work includes, file the technical papers, administrate the purchase of raw material, process of purchasing the parts, follow-up of each step of quality examination, follow-up of rate of producing, follow-up of products debugging, examine of surface of the products, examine of the conditions of factory inspection, technical documents randomly, follow-up of customer debugging at scene, training arrangement, test operation of equipment install and follow-up of upper service. In each process, we will communicate with the customers in time. We make a detailed producing form for each program and send it to the customers to make them know the process of the equipment they have purchased. We will coordinate the third-part-customer to check and accept the products.
In the purchase of raw materials, purchased parts procurement management, we have maintained with large domestic enterprises, to ensure the procurement of raw materials is qualified, high quality. Our suppliers include China, Siemens Electric Co., SEW- Transmission Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Shanghai-mao State Drive Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Daming Metal Products Co., Ltd., Wuxi Baochang Metal Products Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises. In equipment manufacturing, processing equipment and belongs to all four workshops, sheet metal processing, finishing, assembly, surface treatment, a clear division of labor, clear job responsibilities. We are based on the original, and actively develop new processing equipment and processing methods, automated operation, alternative labor costs, product quality and stability. Production process and strict management, compliance with ISO quality management system, the timely completion of processing tasks. On the production schedule, the project leader combined with customer information and make appropriate adjustments to the actual situation in a timely manner to communicate with the production sector, the phenomenon of false or stranded product does not appear.
All the products in the factory equipment shall be subject to inspection and testing multi-channel, passing inspection to the factory. No-load test performed at the factory inspection, security issues, noise, vibration, temperature, running current inspection, then the visual inspection of the device, warning sign check.
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