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FTM Basket Mill

The milling basket, containing thegrinding bead is lowered into the millbase, the fast circulation of the millbase within the milling basket is generated by the dissolver disc and integrated pump wheel, a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved very quickly.

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FDG Dispersing Machine

The dissolver is a fast, high-capacity disperser with a wide range of speeds and high level of efficiency.Push-button speed control.Speed indicator and automatic speed reduction.

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FDL Double Shaft Mixer

It is high efficiency dispersing and mixing equipment, consists of the scrapper agitator and high speed disperser, two sets of agitators working at the same time, mixing the material rapidly under the action of strong shearing and mixing force.

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FSA High-shearing Emulsifier

Applied to atmospheric pressure, and confined working environment.Favored temperature -20<140C it has to be customized if it is out of the scale.Used for dispersion, emulsion, homogenization, dissolution

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We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements

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total area about
18,000 square meters.


our products are sold to more than eighty countries


the export amount is NO.1 in the field

Farfly Company was established in 2003 with 10 million capital registered. The headquarter is located at Hongqiao International square which is the big Hongqiao's business district. Our factory located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province. China Farfly is a specialized manufacturer in Chemical machinery equipment with total area about 18,000 square meters.

Our company mainly products include mixing equipment, dispersing equipment, high-shearing emulsifying equipment, wet process grinding machine, powder mixing machine and all kinds of reactors etc. We also can design, integrate, install and adjust the whole complete related product line according to customer's request with our main equipments.

Vision & Mission Statement

Safe · Stable · Economic · Efficient

Our worldwide presence ensures timeliness, cost efficiency and compliance adherence required to ensure your timelines are met. Serving with experience aNd expertise in multiple industries, as one of the World's leading Corporation! .

Our Farfly people keep going forward to strive on more quality products and achieve in famous brand with the aim of quality first, customer satisfactory.

Farfly Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.


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Coating, it is traditionally known as pain in China. The paint is coated on the surface of the object to be protected or decoration, and can be coated to form a continuous film firmly attached, usually in resin or oil or emulsion, adding or not adding pigment, filler, adding additives, viscous liquid with organic solvent or water prepared. China paint industry authoritative "coating technology" is a Book of this definition: "coating is a kind of material, which can be used in different construction process of coating the surface of objects, forming solid, solid film having certain adhesion strength, continuous. The film thus formed is commonly referred to as a coating film, also known as a paint film or coating.


Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of an object and protect, decorate, mark and other special uses. The book of China paint industry authoritative "coating technology" definite: "coating is a kind of material, this material can be used in different construction process of coating the surface of objects, forming solid, solid film having certain adhesion strength, continuous. This membrane formed like this is commonly referred to as a coating film, also known as a paint film or coating.


Ink is the most important material of printing, it make the pictures and words on the things through printing and jet drawing. The ink consists of major and auxiliary components, which are evenly mixed and rolled repeatedly to form a viscous, gelatinous fluid. It consists of binder (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents.


Agrochemical, currently common named in English pesticide ---- that is ‘killing medicament’.
Generalized agrochemical is defined material or several materials compound or preparations produced by chemical reaction, from biont or natural material, or biological production, in order to prevent, kill or control disease, pest, grass, or other harmful bionts, and to modify ,control, affect plant and harmful biont’s biological metabolism, growing, development and reproduction. Narrowed agrochemical is the chemicals applied in agricultural production in order to kill pests, funguses, harmful animals or ruderals and ensure and accelerate plant and crops growing. Specifically refers to the medicament of preventing pesticide, adjusting plant growing and killing ruderals in agriculture.

Dye stuff and Pigments

Dye stuff is one kind organic or inorganic material for coloring fibre and other materials.
Dye stuff is divided as following by characteristics and application:
By status:water borne pulp,solvent borne pulp, water borne color concentration, solvent borne color concentration.
By application:ceramic pigment,coating pigment,textile pigment,plastic pigment.


Paper-chemical is a variety of chemicals and additives used in the process of papermaking. Including the content more widely, both the pulping chemicals (such as cooking additive, deinking agent), papermaking chemicals (such as sizing agent, wet strength agent etc.), paper processing chemicals (such as bactericidal agent, defoaming agent, coating agent) and other four major categories of chemicals and pollution control. It aims to improving the paper’s quality and production efficient, changing the operate condition, reducing the manufacture cost, increasing the economic benefit and developing new paper type.

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Since 2003
24 hours online
Has served more than 80 countries for 18years
We provide more than 10,000 units of equipment worldwide, all products have passed the CE certification

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Interlakokraska is the largest industry project with more than 20 years of history, which has gained prestige among market players. The exhibition is attended by leading Russian and world manufacturers of paints and varnishes and coatings, raw materials, equipment and technologies for their production. The exhibition is held with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Chemists, the Russian Chemical Society named by D.I. Mendeleev, Federal State Unitary Enterprise STC Himvest, Scientific Research Institute of Technical and Economic Research in the Chemical Complex (NIITEKHIM), Association Tsentrlak, Association of Paint Quality, under auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Paintworks consumers, including representatives of the construction industry, the chemical and oil and gas complexes, woodworking and furniture manufacturing, the automotive industry, aircraft construction and shipbuilding, show high interest in the exhibition. The subject matter of the exhibition is of interest to a significant circle of specialists due to the demonstration of a wide range of novelties in the field of paint and varnish production. The exhibition presents materials for the treatment of various surfaces, raw materials for all types of paintwork materials, equipment for the production of coatings and application of paintwork materials, dosing and washing equipment, systems for cleaning and processing waste and much more. Booth No: FC060   FSP High flux sand millCharacteristics• High flux—technology imported from Germany:static centrifugal discharging devices, large discharge area with high output.• Intelligent double-end mechanical seal: German mechanical seal technology, imported perfluorinated seal ring, can withstand a variety of solvents.• Grinding area is made of special high wear-resistant alloy steel material ensuring long service life.• Cooling efficiency: Adopting segmented double spiral channel is more conducive to heat and cold replacement. Cooling efficiency is twice that of ordinary types.• Grinding efficiency: It is more than 30% higher than ordinary models. The combined disperser group of grinding turbine and dispersion grinding disc can be used to quickly improve the dispersion efficiency. The grinding medium can choose ultra-fine grinding media, which is more efficient.   FDS High efficiency super fineness sand millApplication areaDigital printing ink, solvent ink, water-based ink, automobile paint, industrial coating, pigments, color paste, and nanometer materials.• New design of pin-type grinding components,high grinding efficiency high output, and low energy consumption.• With smaller length/diameter ratio and higher energy density.• Using high flux static centrifugal separation sieve, large discharging area, grinding medium no contact with the sieve, noabrasion, with longer service life.• Grinding Barrel and grinding rotor adopt forced cooling system, with lower discharging temperature and no influence on sensitivematerials.• Using top high quality wear-resisting alloy steel, reduce pollution to products. Different materials are optional as per differentproducts, such as stainless steel, high polymer materials, ceramics, etc.   FDL Double shaft mixerPrincipleHigh efficiency mixing equipment applicable for high viscosity, to make material dispersing, dissolving and mixing uniform. Especially for coating, ink, pigment, etc…industries.   FTM Basket millPrincipleThe milling basket, containing the grinding bead is lowered into the mill base; the fast circulation of the mill base within the milling basket is generated by the dispersing disc and integrated pump wheel,and a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved very quickly.Characteristics• Suita for producing small batch product and middle test. Dispersing and grinding are finished in one machine and one container, noneed extra pumps, piping, valves etc .• Easy cleaning, no residues, convenient product replacement.• Little grinding media required.Excellent grinding efficience and effect.• Double-walled container for cooling and heating.• Modular design of parts make it much more convenient to disassemble, maintain and overhaul, almost no need of professional maintainer. Lear More   Farfly was founded in 2003. The company is a professional manufacturer of chemical machinery and equipment. The main products of the company are mixing equipment, dispersing equipment, high shear emulsification equipment, wet grinding equipment, powder mixing equipment and various reaction kettle, etc.And according to customer requirements to complete the core components of our products in the field of production line overall design, integration, installation and debugging.In 2020, the whole product series has passed the CE certification in line with the EU market.Farfly has been a member of China Coatings Industry Association. Certificate BASKET MILL Laboratory equipment Mixer Mixing Kettle Sand mill ISO9001         Over the past 20 years, the products have been exported to more than 100 countries around the world, and the export volume has been ranking first in the industry for years. Up to now, we have served more than 4000 companies, including many Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, although affected by the epidemic, under the leadership of the general manager Justin and the joint efforts of the staff of Farfly, the sales volume successfully exceeded 100 million. This year, Farfly successfully won the EPC project of the new Lankwitzer Anhui factory, and completed the layout of paint equipment for rail transportation and auto parts. Successfully signed a contract with Xiangjiang Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Twin Towers Coatings, which means that Farfly has become the benchmark equipment in the anti-corrosive coatings industry. In the same year, successfully signed the technical upgrading project of Nippon Marine Paint Grinding Workshop; Suzhou Kefaman Printing and Dyeing Pulp Equipment Project, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Argus. As well as the new lithium battery material Dalian Sinoma to obtain cooperation. At the beginning of the New Year in 2021, it obtained a large order of 50 million yuan from three trees. This great achievement means that the development of Farfly in the field of coatings is growing steadily. We will make persistent efforts, determined to walk in the forefront of the industry. Cooperation           Over the past 18 years, Farfly has been adhering to the "solution provider, enterprise construction service" business philosophy, always adhering to the "customer-centered". High quality products, professional technology, perfect after-sales service by customers at home and abroad. Our products are not only limited to domestic, but also exported overseas. Africa, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East all have our footprints. In the future, more and more domestic and foreign enterprises will choose Farflys. Thanks to the trust and support of our customers for a long time, we will never forget our original intention, go forward courageously, and aspire to become the leader of equipment in the coating industry. Welcome new and old customers to come to our booth to visit and exchange.         Contact Us  


2022 China International Paint Expo and the 21st China International Paint Expo

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen, the 2022 China International Paint Expo and the 21st China International Paint Expo, originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an District) on September 21-23, 2022, will be postponed to November 8-10, 2022. The venues will be changed from the original Hall 2 and Hall 4 to Hall 12 and Hall 13, and will be held simultaneously with the 2022DMP Dawan District Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as "DMP Industrial Expo"), At that time, the total scale of the exhibition will reach 300000 m2. As an important supplier in the whole industry chain, coatings will be fully displayed to achieve accurate docking of the industry chain.   Date: November 8-10, 2022 Move in time: November 7, 2022 Venue: Shenzhen Bao'an New International Exhibition Center Address: No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Baoshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Hall No.: 13 Booth No.: 4D77 Area: 105 square meters


Farfly invites you to meet in Qingdao from 1st Nov. to 3rd Nov. !

The 23 rd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition; The 13th China International  Fertilizer Exhibition; The 23 rd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition,  and relevant activities will be held at Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition International Exhibition Center from November 1-3, 2022. Shandong Province is China's first province with a total value over one trillion yuan of agricultural output, and is also the first major chemical province in China. Relying on its widely demand and superb foundation in the chemical industry, the agrochemical industry is developing rapidly, with a large demand for agricultural products and the number of pesticide and fertilizer manufacturers and registered products ranking first in the country. Qingdao, the economic center of Shandong Province and a trillion-dollar city with national GDP, will have a year-on-year GDP growth of 8.5% in 2021. According to statistics, the percentage of professional visitors from East China, North China and Central China of CAC Agrochemical Show 2021 is as high as 91%. CAC2022 moves to Qingdao to exchange international trade, deepen the niche market, and inject more innovative power for the long-awaited reunion. Farfly invites you to encounter in Qingdao! See you there! Time: November 1-3, 2022 Venue: Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition International Exhibition Center Address: No. 3399 Sansha Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province   Farfly Booth No. N6D03   According to the principle of grinding and the characteristics of SC materials,we made the following improvements: Improve the outer edge of the grinding disc to increase the shear force. Provide more relative self-propagation direction and relative velocity difference for the grinding media, and subject the material to stronger frictional forces. The special design of evenly divided waist-shaped holes ensures a more even distribution of grinding media in the grinding chamber, and allows the material to be ground to a uniform particle size, while greatly reducing the current when starting the machine. The Twin-cylinder sand mill improves the grinding efficiency, while it is easy to operate and reduces the floor space, which reduces the cost of the whole production line. At the same time, it helps the subsequent intelligent upgrade of the production line. On the basis of ensuring the particle size of the material at each stage (reducing the particle size of the grinding media), configure a suitable linear speed to improve the impact force when grinding.      

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