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The cosmetics refers to chemical industrial products and fine chemical products, which is smearing, spraying or other similar methods, any parts scattered in the body surface, such as skin, hair, nails, teeth, to achieve cleaning, maintenance, beauty, in order to modification and change the appearance, or modification of human odor, keep a good state.
Category by effection
Clean type: used to clean the skin;
Skin care type: this kind of cosmetics, such as cleansing cream, facial cleanser, bath agent, shampoo, hair conditioner, shaving cream, etc.;
Foundation: makeup, the basic treatment of facial hair. This kind of cosmetics such as honey, cream, lotion, facial mask, hair cream, hair gel, hair setting agent;
Beauty: for facial and hair beautification products. Such cosmetics are rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, hair dyeing, hair treatment, fixation and other supplies;
Curative effect: the daily chemicals between medicine and cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics such as cooling agent, deodorant, hair raising agent, hair removal agent, hair dye, insect repellent, olive essence.

Category by application
Skin cosmetics: cosmetics for the face and skin. Such as a variety of creams, bath agents, etc.;
Hair cosmetics: special cosmetics for your hair, eg. shampoo, hair gel, mousse spray etc.;
Cosmetics: mainly refers to facial beauty products, including hair and nail beauty;
Specialty cosmetics: cosmetics that added with a specific drug.
catergory by preparation
Liquid: facial cleanser, lotion, shampoo, astringent, perfume, Clarify Lotion, cleansing lotion, essence liquid, stoste,etc.;
Emulsion: honey, milk, hair care milk, essence milk;
Cream: face cream, foundation cream, paste shampoo, concealer, baked cream, essence cream, pre makeup cream; Powder: perfume powder, talcum powder, loose powder, cleansing powder, face powder;
Block: puff cake, cosmetic box, lipstick, wax;
Oil: cleansing oil, moisturizing oil, pomade, essence oil.
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