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Electron chemicals
Electron chemicals,or named electrical chemical materials are referring to special chemicals and chemical materials in electronic industry, ie. electronic components、complete equipment and various chemicals and chemical materials for PCB、industrial and consumer. Also can be divided into baseplate, photoresist, electroplating chemical, encapsulating material, extra pure reagent, special gas, agent, pre-cleaning dopant, welding mask, acid and corrodent, electronic adhesive and auxiliary materials by functions.

Shanghai Farfly serves for many well known pigment and dye enterprises all over the world. Our equipments are sold to over 80 countries and states, and recognized as one of the leaders in this industry. With modernized milling equipments, strictly management and inspection, and support from longer term qualified suppliers, sound experienced designing team, supports the customers with good pre-sales, middle sales and after sales services. Additionally, we support design of single equipment and full plant, rebuild and turnkey project of production line.

Recommended equipment: disperser, emulsifier, mixer, reaction kettle
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