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Flavors and Spice
The essence is concentrated aromatic oil synthesized by imitation of fruits and natural flavors. It is an artificial spice. Often used in making food, cosmetics and cigarettes.

Flavors are divided into three major categories: daily flavor, food flavor, chemical flavor. There are many kinds of flavors, such as cosmetic essence, perfume essence and so on.

Spice is material which can be sniffed out or taste out aroma and is the preparation of essence of raw materials. It is a compound or mixture with a pleasant aromatic odor that can be used in the preparation of flavors. According to its source, natural flavors and artificial fragrances are used for daily chemicals, spices, spices and tobacco spices. In the chemical industry, total synthetic perfumes are produced as fine chemicals.

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Recommend equipment: mixer, emulsifier, reaction kettle
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