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FSP-L Pilot nano sand mill
FSP-L Pilot nano sand mill
FSP-L Pilot nano sand mill
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Application area

Mainly used in color paste and pesticide formulation. It's suit for medical laboratories, biological research, cosmetic and colleges laboratories. Applied in the field of dispersing and dissolving of liquid and liquid or solid and liquid with various viscosity levels.


• The structure of machine is designed according the principle of the sand mill, the experimental results can be enlarged and can could direct the production.
• With frequency inverter,the machine could adjust speed according to the process characteristics of the material, could collect optimum parameters.
• Such as temperature and pressure The parameters controlled by PLC ,can make ensure the safety of production and the equipment run fully to meet the technological requirements.
• With imported diaphragm pump.
• Fineness 100nm.
• The whole structure is reasonable, running safety.


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