ShangHai Farfly Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • In 2003
    Company was established. A thousand mile journey begins with the first step
  • In 2004
    self-development basket milll obtained country patent
  • In 2005
    20L high efficiency corn sand mill was invented for solvent ink
  • In 2006
    the sales services office was founded in the Middle East area
  • In 2007
    the 250kw large power disperser success using by Middle East customer
  • In 2008
    the ceramic sand mill for jet ink was developed and came into use successful
  • In 2009
    the sales services office was founded in the South America area
  • In 2010
    pass through the ISO9001 Quality system certificate
  • In 2011
    the main products got the CE certification suit for EU market standard, and this year farfly was honored one of the ten most popular brands in the coating Industry.
  • In 2012
    first SC product line was designed and installed successfully in domestic and been the member of China coating industrial association
  • In 2013
    high-flux Germany technology static centrifugal discharging sand mill was invented and come into use successfully
    New design basket mill got the invention patent
    The European sales services was founded
  • In 2014
    the high-flux static centrifugal discharging sand mill and high-flux static centrifugal tapper pin type sand mill used into the SC product line. Grinding fineness can reach nanometer, and promoted the storage property and drug properties of the products finally
  • In 2015
    successfully applied automatic controlling system into SC production line and greatly improved efficiency and products quality stability
  • In 2016
    FARFLY independently design and build the lacquer Project of Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings (Langfang) LTD used into producing successfully
  • In 2017
    Hangzhou Nutrichem Five SC production line was successfully delivered to production.
    Hebei Veyong Biochemical three SC fully automatic production line successfully delivered.
  • In 2018
    Henan Hansi Crop: 5 SC production lines were used into production ; Guangdong Zhongxun Agriscience(Xiangxi plant,Hubei plant,Sichuan plant):6 SC production lines were used into production;
    Shangdong Biao: 4 SC production lines were used into production.
  • In 2019
    Successfully delivered the whole plant equipment to V.ABC paint manufacturing(Jiangxi) Co. Ltd. The equipment design and production operation of automotive paint and rail transit coating industry are mature and stable.
    Successful delivery of furniture paint head enterprise-Zhanchen Coating Puyang factory , marking the leading position of furniture paint industry equipment.
    Zhejiang Yuehong Company's high-performance membrane material and thermal paper product whole plant production equipment was successfully delivered and put into operation smoothly which marking another success in the new material industry and establishing a new milestone.
  • In 2020
    Annual sales amount exceed 100 million.
    In 2020,successfully won the EPC project of LANKWITZER new plant in Anhui , and completed the layout of the coating equipment for rail transit and auto parts.
    The Shuangta panit Co.,Ltd--- a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiangjiang Group, was successfully delivered, which means that our equipment in the anti-corrosion coating industry has become an industry benchmark
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